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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Scooby Doo Party

Scooby Doo Invites
Download free scooby font from google search
I used a piece of white card stock paper and chose green and 
different shades of blue fonts
as well as orange.
The I went to Joann's and used a Michaels and a Joann coupon
and bought the card stock paper that had the colors of 
blue and green from the mystery machine colors.
I cut both colors in half and then
the blue a little smaller 5 1/2 x 8 inches for borders around
the invite.
I cut the blue paper the long way to make a "ribbon around the invite.

With the envelopes I did a search for Scooby doo coloring pages
found an image I likes of Scooby 
went to maining
then Set printer to Mailings...envelopes, options, custom size to 9 x 6.
Then click add to document
insert picture from saved Scooby coloring page
clicked the image chose wash out
then on left hand side chose text wrapping behind text


We decked the house with spooky Halloween 
decor inside and out...

Halloween stuff was already on sale at the dollar store and 
then I borrowed some other stuff from a friend.
We had a fog machine and spooky sounds playing in the 
house from the speakers.

All of these silhouettes are in packs of 15 for a dollar
at the Dollar Tree.  4 packs is plenty to deck the halls
and windows.
Spiderweb was also available at the Dollar tree.

I cut bread into the shape of bones
with a bone shaped cookie cutter 
and made turkey and cheese sandwiches for the

The house was spooky but I wanted the table to
be fun and co-ordinate with the invites
so in addition to blue& green  I did spiders on the
table and then green sculls.
Blue green napkins utensils and juice dispenser
that I found on sale at Walmart.
I cut pictures saved pics of Scooby and the gang on line
printed them and added them to blue & green circles
finally gluing them to toothpicks and put them 
everywhere in the different food trays.

I used the same blue & green circles
punched holes in them and put them on
brown bags.
We played a game..."Who stole the Scooby snacks?"
I hid clues around the house for the kids to find the snacks 
at the end.

It was summer so I did not want my 2 yr old roasting
in a sweater  like Velma's or long sleeve dress like Daphne's
So I got her this darling summer Scooby Doo dress on etsy.com

to wear.

Using my cricut I made a sign with 2 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" 
card stock paper.  Using my paper cutter I cropped the darker
brown sheet of paper 1/2" smaller for demension to frame the letters on.
Using the "Pack your Bags" cricut cartridge
I cut out a camera and then the "School Book" Cartridge and the Roly Poly font.
The "P" and the "B" at 3" & the rest of the letters
at 2" glued them to the paper

We did a photo booth for the kids 
with a sheet for a background and
Daphne Scooby and Thelma Props
that I cut out from the every day paper doll cricut cartridge.
I set them to be cut at 20" big and taped the props to
Wooden BBQ skewers.

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