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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pirate Party


 For the skulls and rats I used cut outs from 
Martha Stewart halloween cuts
I used a certificate like paper and burned & ripped
 the edges to 
make it look like old treasure map paper.
I found the paper at Michael's 
I used Harrington Font for the invites and always use 
"shadow" on your font to make it pop more.

Free Template

 I found these letter stickers at Joann'es
The traced certificate paper with a top of a frosting
lid the red paper with a 
CD and finally the black paper with a small kids bowl.
I also printed a skull from clip art that I used on the invites
onto the certificate paper.
cut 2 holes in each  circle with a 
paper hole puncher and then 
tied them together with black ribbon.

For the table I used halloween decorations that I got for 90% off at 
Target that year.  I got scull centerpieces found vultures to 
put on the table and scattered gold coins all over the table as well.
I also used scull cupcake toppers to put in the veggies and cheese.


 Each kid was given a pirate hat, and eye patch,
mustaches and tattoos when they arrived.

We also arranged a treasure hunt
for the kids...instead of word clues I drew
pictures of objects in the house for then to find there
next clue.
I did 5 clues for 2 different groups of kids
1 for older and one with easier clues for
the younger kids.
At the end of the treasure hunt, each group was lead to the 
basement were our wooden toy box was 
filled with goodie bags containing 
chocolate coins

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