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Monday, September 15, 2014

Baby Shower Gift

How to upload any file from your computer to your cricut explore

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Free Template for Pink and Grey Cheveron Baby Shower invite

Tools you need for the butterflies...
The smaller butterfly is from a Martha Stewart cutter

Here are the fonts and sizes that you need for this...

Dowload Template here...
Click to Download pink invite

Name is done with Some wreths 60pts
Below is the link to download for free

"her new baby girl" FoglihtenNo04 45 pt

"September" itsadzokeS02 18pt


"Saturday" Felix Titling 20pt

"20"  SapphireSativa 70pt


"11'O'Clock" itsadzokeS02 28pt (listed above)
"in the morning" itsadzokeS02 13pt

"The Rogers" Hultog Snowdrift 28pt
Adress same font  Hultog Snowdrift 20pt

"RSVP" PrincesS AND THE FROG 32.15pt
Same Font repeated for the # SIZE 35pt

More Options...

Another link for Pink Template

Download Yellow Template below
Yellow Invite Template

Downloadable Template
Click link to download Blue Invite Template

Download green template below
Green Invite Template

I used this paper pack for the butterflies.