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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ever After High Birthday

Wrapped in vellum and tied with a Purple and Black ribbon accented with a key

Printed at Picaboo
Purchased the 60.00 voucher for 20.00
They are a beautiful texture 

Birthday Sign Template
Printed for 9.99 at Costco 20 x 30

Home Room
Each "student" gets a backpack with a 
folder that includes a pen, a class schedule and 
either a Crown for the Royals or a Mask for the Rebels.

Class Schedule Template

1st period is Makeovers
Face-painting, and hair is done

Lunch Period
Royals Get Champagne Glasses and Have to each with silverware
Rebels eat with their hands and regular glasses

Cupcake Circles
right Click and hit ctrl C and ctrl V to paste to word doc to print

 Second Period
Sword Fighting 101
I was so scared that kids would get hurt so I 
made a rule...the object is to stay on the carpet or you are out
the other object is to hit each others swords.  If you hit someone...
you are also out.  It worked great.

Archery  101
Shooting the Target

Target Practice 101
Using a Nerf gun to shoot balloons



Sign Legacy Book

Legacy Book Templates
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Legacy Book Inserts