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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yo Gabba Gabba Party


 When doing a jpeg search for and Gabba Characters there are very few
and the ones that you can find are too small to use.
Luckily, I came across one that I could photoshop and use for this invite.
My daughter loves foofa so I was very happy that this was the large
JPEG I found.

 I Used some pale pink paper and then glued the invitation after printing and
cropping it with my paper cutter to the inside.
I knew I wanted more to this invite so I went to Joanne Fabrics to check
out some cricut cartridge options.

This cartridge was on sale from 39.99 to 29.99
which is regular price at Michael's.
I found the phrase...
It's a party and cut it at 4 1/2" 

I wanted some 9 x 6 envelopes to go with the 
invites so I looked in the clearance isle and found nothing
so I found a pack of 100 for 19.95 and with this weeks 50% off
coupons I got 100 envelopes for 9.95
I downloaded the Gabbaland font from fontspace.com
for free to use on the envelopes and invites.

I found a Yo Gabba Gabba JPEG pic on line
which I downloaded and chose washout for color
to set behind the adressee.

Gabba Gabba Dresses run from anywhere between 20.00 and 65.00
I was lucky to find one on eBay for Reagan for 19.99
free shipping...

Outside I got some Foam board at the Dollar Tree and drew some
characters to greet the guests as they walked up and into Gabbaland

I also bought these flower streamers that I strung up on the other side of the walkway.
Each were 1.00 each at the dollar tree.

I made these signs to post of the food for the guests.
Here is the blank jpeg that you can use to make your own signs 
otherwise I have made some for you...

Here is the video to help you personalize the blank template below...

I printed these and put them back to back.
With double stick tape I glued them together with a long
sandwich toothpick.
Making the rainbow puffs was cheap and easy.
They sell this tissue paper pack at the dollar store
along with wire clippers and 20 gauge wire I got at Walmart for 3.00
I used 2 packs 5 sheets in each puff.
Here is a video instruction link for you...

I ordered the background characters and Happy Birthday
sign from Amazon for 7.99 free 2 day shipping.

These PLEX cookie pops did not quite turn out as planned...my chocolate 
did not melt quite right so I slathered it on with a frosting spreader.  I used 
the Monster eyes from Michael s and chocolate fondant for the black rectangles.

The little Gabba Characters in the food came from
a early birthday gift Reagan got from her Aunt Katie...
Gabba Bath Buddies
I also used some for a game of "Pretend" aka Charades we played.
I used a flower shape to cut the bread.

On some episodes Muno likes to "Play Pretent"
So I thought we could do that as well with a game of
Here are the bath buddies I used for the game
the kids drew them out of a bag and acted them out

Another game we played was
"Party in my Tummy"
I used another piece of Foam board that I got from the Dollar tree drew Brobee
on it and cut out a big Mouth
I put the picture on a step ladder with tape and the kids threw baby oranges through the mouth.

We also played pin the eye on Muno...

Photo Booth
I found these print yourself photo props on etsy for 4.00

The kids had a ball!
After Photo booth we gave all the kids a T-shirt and some
DJ lance glassed.
I made the t shirts with Avery Iron on.
Here is the template I used...

The software that reverses the image did 
not work so I reversed it muself.
Here are the reversed image.
I put 2 on each sheet.

More Free Activities to print...