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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trolls Party

Front side of invite

Backside of invite


 We hid trolls around the house with glow sticks taped to the back of them.
The kids had to run around the dark basement to find them.
There were points on the backs of the trolls and who ever got the most
points won the game!

Next was the dance party and karaoke.
The kids had a blast dancing to their favorite songs from the movie Trolls

Boss Baby Party

Front of invite

Back side of Invite

Envelope Seals
Right Click Ctrl C to Copy and Ctrl V to past to word Doc to print

Right click and then Ctrl C to Copy and Ctrl V to paste to Word Doc 
Print on Card stock and tape to stick to place in the food items around the table

Getting Born
I turned on the smoke machine and had the kids crawl through a tunnel 
as they were being born

Once they were born they dug in a bag and found out if they were 
team family or team Management

Download or right click image below...

Click right and then Ctrl c to copy and Ctrl V to past to a word doc

Bobbing for Pacifiers
with a large bowl and a bunch of passifiers from the dollar store
the kids had some fun with our first game...bobbing for pacifiers.

Identify the Baby Food Flavor
I bought 3 different baby food flavors and each team picked 3 members
to try and Identify the baby food flavors.  There were some pretty
disgusted faces...it was awesome!

Bottle Chug-a-Lug
Fill a bottle about 2 oz of juice pop or milk
have the kids on each team try to win a point by
drinking the most in 1 minute