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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Asian Good Luck Party

A great party always begins with Awesome invitations.
I used a red and Black cardstock and then got
a Pagoda Crucit cartridge to cut out the dragon
and adorable Asian geisha doll.

 For the fonts I downloaded Chang and Eng and Samurai
from  http://www.fontspace.com/solar-sister/chang-and-eng. 

 For the party and table decor I went to oriental trading and looked under Chinese New Year decor.  I found the parasols and Dragons on toothpicks to put in the food.  I also found dragons to hang from the ceiling and around lamps.  I also bought paper lanterns to hang around the house and a ton of forture cookies.  Some dipped in chocolate with red chocolate splaters on top to match with color sceme.

The Cake was a 6" and a 8" tiered cake wrapped in
vanilla red fondant and I cut white dragons with my 
Pagoda cartridge from edible paper and painted them with edible gold paint.
At the end of the night we had fireworks.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ouija Board Invitations

For the outside of the invite I used the Cricut Halloween Chic cartridge

I saw these invites on Etsy and was determined to make them.
The layout for this invite is Portrait.
I downloaded a jpeg of a Ouiji board and cropped the images out.
Under insert tab I inserted each of the 4 pictures at a time. Sized them to fit half a page.
I clipped on the image and recolored it black and white and went to the page layout tab
under text wrapping on the right hand side. I set the images to "Behind Text" so I could move them
around the page as I wanted to.
For the Yes and no I used text boxed and an Arial font Bold size 20
For the "Your Spirit is requested to Materialize"
was done in copperplate Bold size 14.
The I Downloaded 3 fonts Nymphette Font size 36 for the accents by the RSVP. Letters A and B
The RSVP was done in  JFRingmaster size 36 and

The Halloween Soiree was tricky to firgure.
Under the insert tab in word there is a heading called word art.
This is where you go to shape the letters in a circular fashion.
I used the font CarnivalMF All donwloaded for free from
http://www.fontspace.com/rick-mueller/carnival size 36
"Don't be caught Dead..." copperplate Bold size 13
"Lakeville, MN" was Arial size 24.
I cut the invite in half on Certificate paper I found at office depot and glued it to a
black piece of cardstock paper that I folded in half.