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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bon Voyage 29 Party

 My  gorgeous friend Jen has been telling her husband for 7 yrs that 
when she turns 30 she wanted to be on a 
cruise ship away from everyone 
so she does not have to be home reveling
in the fact that she is "Old"

 Unfortunately, they are saving for a house and 
cannot do both the cruise and the house
so I decided to throw her a "Boy Voyage 29" Party
with a cruise theme.

For the invites I used a clip art of an anchor
I clicked on the picture set text wrapping to be behind text
recolored the anchor to blue tint to match the blue on the invites.
I cut the  dark blue paper long ways in half at 5 1/2 inches  and 
did the same to the light blue paper...cut it in half first and then shaved an extra 
1/2 " off each side to create the graduated border.
I used the Cricut cartridge "Pack your Bags" which was on sale
this week for 19.99 at Michaels this week.
The wheel was cut at 4" 

The party is in October and there will be more 
pictures/ideas once that party is over

Invitation Text
Sound Like a Cruise
to make sure that the guests heard the ocean we brought in
the noisemaker that we have in my daughters room to 
create the sound of waves crashing as we chattered about.

I know we think of Hawaii when we think of Leis but I thought that we should 
give them out at the door to everyone when they boarded when "Ship" to help them 
get into the spirit of the party.

When I set up the table I created a Nautical theme by adding 
shells, black and blue table runner for only 3 dollars each at
I had the oblong tablecloth and used boxes underneath to give height to the 
food and decor.  I bought these 2 boats on eBay for 12.00 ea 
and the shells napkins and plates and packs of star fishes were 50 cents a pack on clearance at Michael's.
Food was provided by Aldi for 50.00 including fruit, croissants, cheese,veggies, chips, dip,
pickles & condiments
I used my cricut cutter for Pack your bags...
the same cartridge I used for the invites to cut out
dolphins, and captain's wheels, at 2" glued them
to toothpicks and places them in the food trays

My co-host Nicki made the sign for her party for under 2.00
with paper supplies from Michael's.
Already had the cups so I bought a bag of oranges at Aldi
sliced them up and added a little umbrella to eat cup
to dress them up.
using my cricut I made a sign with 2 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" 
card stock paper.  Using my paper cutter I cropped the darker
brown sheet of paper 1/2" smaller for demension to frame the letters on.
Using the "Pack your Bags" cricut cartridge
I cut out a camera and then the "School Book" Cartridge and the Roly Poly font.
The "P" and the "B" at 3" & the rest of the letters
at 2" glued them to the paper