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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Country Club Themed Party

 I used vellum paper 
and using word I printed the age on the vellum to wrap the invite in.

 The colors of the party were pink and green so 
I went to Micheal's and bought blue and green ribbon.
I found white gold ties to tie into the ribbon.
 I bought a 100 pack invitation which was 20 dollars but 
I had a 40% off coupon so it was only 12.00
Using word, I found clip art of a tennis ball and 
put those on the bottom of the page making them larger and 
smaller as well as rotating them.

In the invite I used wording requesting them 
to dress up in tennis or gold attire and also 
to think of a "Country Club" name for the party.

Template for your invites...
Right Click below to Ctrl C (copy)
and then Ctrl P Past onto word doc

 Template for Banner

Template for your invites...
Right Click below to Ctrl C (copy)
and then Ctrl P Past onto word doc 

The room was a community room that was 25.00/hr
and right on a golf course.
In the back of the hall we had a table with a labtop set up
my husband is a subscriber to Zune for 14.00/month  
so he can download as many songs that he wants.
We made a great dancing mix and played the songs on speakers that we brought from
our home stereo.
The chair covers and table cloths were bought so cheap at tableclothfactory.com.
Chair covers are 2.99 ea and the long table cloths were only 10.00 each

The sashes were 1.00 each and the pink and green coverings were 2.00 each.
We also rented a smoke machine and lights
for 30.00 total for the night.  It really added to the
dancing atmosphere.

 These flowers were bought from "Trader Joes" in 5.99 bunches
I bought 6 bunches.
Using Dowels, I created flags like 
"Golf Hole Flags for each arragement for each table #.
I alos used the same green and pink ribbon to tie golf
tees around each vase.
The vases were puchased at the thrift store for .80 ea
When my guests arrived they were to
put down their "Country Club" name on it.
I used clear flatware and glasses for the 
table ware as well as the green and pink 

I used place cards and printed the food item on each 
place card using the Edwardian script font.

Food was easy..chocolate covered strawberries
which I made myself, Cut up fruit and veggies from Aldi..
very good very cheap.
We did buy croissant sandwiches from Costco
and then to drink we had boot-aid..
A non alcoholic drink which is made from lemonade 
concentrate and ground mint leaves...very refreshing and
very country club.
Finally the cake 

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