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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Murder Mystery Party


I found this invitation kit at Walmart clearance for 10.00
There are 50 invitations and 50 reply cards
Theye were a simple black and white design so I used the Chic Halloween
Cricut cartridge and cut out the mask at 2" and the chandelier at 2"
Then I cut Black and white card stock paper the long way to wrap around the invite.
Black paper 2" thick and white paper 1/2 " thick and glued the white paper on the
black to make a white and black band around the invite.
Then I put the mask I cut out on top of the band and glued it together.

For the invites I also used a JPEG inage that I found on line of a magnifying glass
and set it behind the text.
For the font of the text I downloaded a free Halloween font from

WE got the invitation kit "Murder at Mardi Gras"
Which is why I chose the masks and chandelier.
The kit comes with invitations name tags and Character info but 
I always like to make my own.
I had many requests from friends about the character they would be
so they could start shopping for costumes so I printed up
 these cards on the reply cards to give them the info they should know about
who they will be.
The rest of the characters info will be given at the party.

Since the set only came with 8 characters
I created 4 supporting characters to
give to husbands and wives or guests who might not be into 
playing a role through out the party.

I bought name place cards at Michael s with a 40%'coupon
for 3.00 for 40.  Most of which I will use next party.
I bought a pack of 12 place card holders at Michael's for 24.00 but with the
50% off coupon they were 12.00.
I coordinated everything to mach the invites by putting masks on the
place cards that I cut with my cricut at 1"
I also cut masks for each place and attached a wooden BBQ skewer
to them.
The whole party was black and white to match the invites
(plus, I thinkMardi Gras colors are kinda tacky).
Under each white plate instead of a charger I used
a 12x12 cardstock piece of paper.
White table cloth and white napkins.

Boy had the traditional Mask shape and
ladies got the more feminine mask
For dinner we has a friend make us Brisket.
I made Red Potatoes, Asparagus, and we had a salad
Total cost for dinner including brisket for 12 was 60.00
I made cupcakes and put the chandeliers that I also
used on the invites on toothpicks and stick them into the
White frosting with black masks, chandeliers Candelabra's  ect.
Everyone came dressed the part.
Maid, Chef, Jazz Musician, Gothic Writer,
Gator Sausage maker ect...
We all had a ball.

Printable Mask Template...


  1. I love this idea of a party. I am a person who loves to plan and prepare, everything has to have a theme. I just want to ask was there a game that you play like clue or the actual murder mystery game like the ones you buy tickets for and you actually have people guess the killer. Or was this simply a friend dress up get together and of course fellowship... Very curious what you did during dinner... LOVE LOVE LOVE...

    1. Sorry I never saw this comment...I used a boxed game I found on Amazon

  2. I just purchased the game, and I have no clue how to pass out the clues? do I hide them around the house or do I just hand it to the characters?? the game did really have a step by step manual of the game..i would love some insight from someone that's played

  3. Love your creations. We are giving this same dinner party in 2 1/2 weeks. I needed to create 1 more character so reading your ideas inspired my own. I will be Pierre's sister, he was daddy's favorite child, so I amused myself with daddy's business partners, etc..... Thank you

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