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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Asia's Golden Birthday Invites

There is a wonderful women who takes care of my son at LA Fitness and as an appreciation to her, I decided to make her daughter some invitations for her daughter Asia's Golden Birthday.
I found some great note cards on sale from 19.99 to 5.99 at Michael's. I used a reply card template to create the inside of the invitation. There will be 2 reply cars per template. Erase the top and use the bottom half.
You may want to use a practice sheet that is included in the kit before printing for real so you know how to properly load the printer. http//print.marthastewart/stationary/flashversion/
I used the high tower font for my invites at a 14pt font and a 20pt font for the Golden Birthday but Martha's website has many font options that you can use as well which will give you wording choices for any occasion. For the outside of the invite I did the same thing. I used a reply card template and erased the top half and only used wording on the bottom.
For the Butterflies, I purchased a Martha Stewart punch one for smaller butterflies for the inside and a larger for the outside. I cut out White butterflies and laid those on top of the gold ones to give an element of demention. I also chose to fold the smaller butterflies for the inside. I did 2 folds each along side of the body of the butterfly so both wings stand out.
I am also doing a butterfly cake to make the invites so that everything co-ordinates.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Invites

I purchased these invitations at Michael's. They were Martha Stewart brand invites on sale from 39.95 to 9.95. I loved them because the inside had a little pocket where you could tuck the invite itself along with the reply card and return envelope. I found 2 Martha Stewart Dye cutters that I loved. One was a Skeleton head and another was a bat. I spray painted some black paper gold and cut out skeletons from there. After that I cut out white skulls.
I laid that white skulls on top of the gold skulls in the gold frame on the from of the card.
Then I cut black bats out. All Martha Stewart invites have an online template that you can use to print invites.
http//www.print.marthastewartcrafts.com/stationary/flash version
The design that I had was called Gilded Frame Invitation.
Once you find the invite click it and it will bring you to a word document.
I found the wording to my invite online @
The I used the Agncy FB font
and for the host names I used matterofact font.
I included the picture of a skeleton that I found on clip art with in the word doc.
I also think that a fun idea is to use the back of invites to post special requests directions or instructions for your guests. I used a candy corn for the back on this invite that I found on clip art as well.
Martha's website allows you to address the envelopes as well as back flaps of envelopes.
I decided to include a candy corn on the reply address envelope to tie everything together.
I got some spider web and hooked it to three corners of the inside of the card jacket.
and then placed the bats inside.