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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Free Paris Baby Shower Passport Invites and Boarding pass...

Right click on pic and then past to word doc to print

I used pale pink cardstock paper to print documet....You can use whatever color you wish...
Right click on pic and then past to word doc to print

Right click on pic and then past to word doc to print
I used pale yellow cardstock for inside of passport

Right click on pic and then past to word doc to print.
I used the same color pink cardstock for the Ticket Envelope

Right click and Ctrl c to copy and then Ctrl v to paste to word doc to edit and Print...

Right click and Ctrl c to copy and then Ctrl v to paste to word doc to edit and Print...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

007 Spy Patry 7th Birthday

Here is the MI 5 Logo from the James Bond movies
that I placed on everything from invites to "Agent Files" to "Agent Photo's" ect as you will see below...

White Version...  
it might be hard to see but it is there in PNG form

Here is the invite that I printed on Craft paper in 3 x 5 cards  and then taped to 
black card stock paper and staped into the mini Agent File folders that I cut with my Cricut machine.

Mini File Folders

Right click image and then paste in word doc.
Print on manilla colored cardstock paper.

Template to cut folders...
Right click and copy file.  
Make as big or small as you like  I used entire page almost and 
folded in half for a mini folder.

Envelope Template...you will need to download 
Golden Eye Font...it is free at

Here is the background check slip I included with each invite...

I printed these pics wallet size and paperclipped them into the "Agent Files"

For the guest, I found the pictures on facebook and used this font to type 
there info on the pictures...
Download for free at 

Birthday sign  was a 20" x 30" from costco that I put on foam board from dollar tree.
Total Cost...10.00

Below is a version for you to upload and print for your party...
Right click and save file then upload to Costco, Sams Club or where ever.

Dowloadable poster...

Right click to copy and then past in a word doc.
You can personalize by downloading the 007 james bond font...


The Cheveron black and white lanterns were from Michaels dollar spot
I got 25% off the purchase from them all with a coupon I had.
The sandwhiches were from Walmart 
5.98 each
Celery, Carrots, Cucumbers, and snap peas were from Aldi
As well as all the fruit.
Total cost for food 40.00
Black table cloth was from Walmart .98 cents
Cups were from Dollar Tree 3 six packs for 1.00 ea
Sparkling Cider1.99 each

For the cake, I downloaded the 007 logo from a google 
search and uploaded it to my Cricut explore.
Same for the James bond image.
Then I used edible paper and cut the images out
to lay on top of the white fondant cake.
I think that my James Bond looks more like Abe Lincoln.

When it comes to cupcake circles I usually never use them for cupcakes 
but instead in the food to bring the theme all together.
Here are the cupcake circles that I created for you to 
print and use...

Dowload link below
Click Here to download

I found an awesome code breaking website that lets you write your own code to
It is awesome and here it is...


For DNA testing I work Vinyl Gloves and a q tip to swab
the inside of the kids cheeks
I then put the swabs in zip lock snack sized baggies
with the kids names on them.
Here is a template for Fingerprinting...
Right click and copy image and then paste to word doc.

Photobooths are so popular for parties this day
but I like to do something else to capture the moment.
I had each kid stand against the wall and pick a nerf gun
to pose with.  Then I photoshoped the 007 swirl with james 
bond cut out of the center and placed the kid in the center
in black and white instead.

Here is the template...

I used the James Bond Logo on the pictures and 
then the 007 golden eye font to write their names


ID Badges

link to download badge below