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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Free Pink or Blue Cheveron 1st Year Customised Invitations Template

Tutorial Video for how to Personalize

Click here for Blue Invite

Fonts you need...
Download free

Friday, January 8, 2016

LDS Baptism Party

How to Dowload and personalize video

Link to Invitation Template...
Link to backside of Invitations...

I wrapped these invitations with translucent paper I bought at Michaels 
and then printed the CTR seals on them as found a ways down on this post in 
Teal, Pink and Yellow.  I also used cupcake circles to seal the paper and printed 
them on sticker paper and cute them out with 2" circle cutter.
You can also just print them out on regular paper and use a glue stick to stick them on.
Cupcake circles are also near the bottom of this post in teal pink and yellow.

I also made a custom CTR stamp which I found on Ebay for 19.99 to seal the envelopes

Free Fonts you need for the invitation...
Name..80 Pts
Last Name...50 Pts
Saturday 20 pts
Copperplate Gothic Light
Address 20 pts is Charlemagne Std
Date 20 pts
RSVP 40pts 

Hot Pink Invitation Template

Download PDF....

Hot Pink Backside Template

Ballet Pink Backside Program

Yellow Template Backside...

Program Template to Download...

Use the font links above to personalize
LT Nutshell Font
Lame Name
Mf Queen Leena Font
Cameo Antique Font
And the font for the program for conducting, opeining song, prayer ect is
Copperplate gothic light

Hot Pink Template link below...
Hot Pink Template
Yellow Program...

This is a 20 x 30 poster from costco for under 10.00 and glued to 
posterboard from the  Dollar tree ...
Total Cost 11.00

Click Link to Download...

Teal Poster Download

Poster Templates

Pink Poster.......Hot Pink Poster Template
Click Link to Download and personalize

Yellow Poster...
Click Link to Personalize

Envelope Seals/ Cupcake Circles

Click Link to Dowlnoad...
Teal Cupcake Circles Envelope Seals

Dowload with Link Below

Click below to Download
Click here to download

Click below for download
Click here to Dowload

Click to download
Click to download

Table Poster/ Banner 20 x 60
18.00 at Costco

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Free Halloween Invitation Template & Instruction Video

 Right Click to copy and paste into a word doc or download to link below

Instructions for personalizing on word Doc...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cop Lives Matter Printable Thank you Cards

Right click and then Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to past to word doc then print on card stock paper
Makes 2 5 x 7 Cards to hand out to Police officers in your community

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

40 is the new 20 Birthday Party!

Template for your invitaions...
Right Click then Ctrl C to copy
then Ctrl V to pase in a Word doc

Download for free at the following sites...
For the Name:

For the Address:
For the Date:
Fonts to use...http://www.fontspace.com/m%C3%A5ns-greb%C3%A4ck/some-weatz

Instructions for the Invitations
Scroll down for links of where to 
purchase what you nees

Purchased in sets of 10 at Michaels 
for 4.99 each

Each of these bling sparkles are 1.50
each at Michaels

Plastic covers can be bought on Amazon prime...

Lenards can be bought on Amazon Prime 

Cupcake Circles and Envelope Seals...
Right click and Ctrl C then Ctrl V to paste to a word doc to print

You can purchade the paper from this link...

VIP Pass 

Print at Costco, Walmart or Walgreens in wallet size

Personalize with following fonts...

For the Address:
For the Date:
Fonts to use...http://www.fontspace.com/m%C3%A5ns-greb%C3%A4ck/some-weatz

Print at Costco, Walmart or Walgreens in wallet size



The Party...