Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello Kitty Carnival

  The invitations came with tickets that I designed for free from this link...
I bought these on oriental trading but you can find tickets at the dollar tree also
Each kid got 10 tickets to play games and eat snacks


Lucky Ducky Game

Face Painting with Amy
I had a friend do the face painting with a kit  bought from Joanne Fabics for 10.00

 Fortune Telling with Bailey
We had a kiddy tent and had Bailey sit there and hand out fortune cookies
for tickets

Kissing Booth with Bryson
No need for kids to flinch at this kissing booth.
For tickets the kids could cash in and get some sweet sweet chocolate kissed at our kissing booth.

Nails by Candice
I went to the dollar store and bought nail color for this event.


Free Printable Ta too Sign

I found these popcorn boxes at our grocery store for a couple of dollars for 8
Kids used tickets to get some

I got a Hawaiian ice machine on Amazon for about 20.00 and made 
cones on this very hot August day 

Spin a prize

Prize Store
for the kids to cash in their remaining tickets

Hot Food
What is a carnival with out Hot dogs?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Angry Birds Party

Free Invitations...


My Invitations


Food Table

Template for Banner
For These banners I printed them on shiny Paper so they print better on an ink jet.
Also, I glued them to card stock paper.
To personalize them, I used photo shop and the angry birds font "Feast of Flesh"
to personalize them,
Here is the link to download the font...

You can probably use word to personalized them as well

Instruction for Angry Bird 
Cake Pops

Table Ware

Building Bird Towers

Making Angry Birds masks

Girls Masks &
Photo Booth

Regular Masks

Sling Shot Game