Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baby Girl Nautical Shower Printables

Little Man Party

 Frames 2.00each
Michaels 70% off Clearance
Posters 11x 14 Costco 3.00 ea

I created the Posters in Photoshop using a blank sheet
 and then with  Goudy Stout 
(on your word)
(on word)
I also instered a JPEG of a green Moustache...

Cut from Everyday People Dress Up 
Photo Boot Kit
1.50 from 9.00
Includes Sign and Chalk Board Sign
Wooden Sticks  and 
Cut outs
 Frame around Photo Booth Chalk Sign...

woth Mustache
1.00 for onsie and Cut out 
Mustache from Cameo from 
Cricut Iron on Fabric
7.00 with 25% off

Table Wear 4.00
Stash Plates 1.50
Stash Staws 1.99 Walmart
Stash Napkins 1.50 Walmart
Little Man free Printable Download

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day Party Total Cost 59.86 with food, invitations & decorations

I thougth I would host a mother's day brunch this year to get the inlaws and my mom together and then to church afterwards.
Here are the invites that I created for the event.

I used an invitation kit that I bought for 100 invites and envelopes 
20.00 at Michaels with a 40% OFF COUPON FOR 12.00 TOTAL
I trimmed the invite and then glued a half sheet of black card stock to 
the back of the paper.

Here are the fonts that I used for the invite...

"Mother's Day" 72pt size
"Brunch" 72pt

Time and date font

Address 36pt sz

"Join us for ..." 36pt sz

"&" I did this with a text box so that I could put it behind the text

"afterwards the kids..." 11pt sz

Made sure we honored each mother by having a picture of each in a frame.

Here are copies of Subway art that I could use
to draw more focus to the occasion...

I did an easy silhouette of the kids here by taking pictures of
their profiles...

Then I printed these pics out and glued black cardstock paper to them.
I then cut out the pictures and had perfect silhouette

 The color on the invitations were red black and white so that is
the colors that I purchased for the scheme of the party...

Red Circle decorations 1.49 each with a 30% off additional discount = 1.00
Black ribbon 1.00 at dollar tree
Red Ribbon 1.00 at dollar tree

I used the sihouette in the rest of the party decor...
Here is a group of tags that you can use to cut and
past on paper...

I cut these with a 

Marvy - Clever Lever Craft Punch Super Jumbo Oval

To create the tags I used this cricut cartridge...

For the oval shape and the letter "M" 
I used this cartridge...

from Adli 
4.00 for Grapes
2.00 for Cantelope
1.19 for Strawberries
1.49 for Pineapple

Gluten Free Mix from Aldi
Honey & Maple Syrup
4.00 + 4.00
Red Chocolate + White Chocolate
80 x 4 (3.20) cents per pag from Easter Clearance at Walmart

12.00 for the 2 bouquets
from Rainbow foods that were given as gifts to each mom
Vases were 1.49 each at Good Will

The red table runner that I had was actually a dollar tree
plastic table cloth 1.00 that I folded to be a runnwe across the table.
I also bought silverware 3.00, Plates 1.00, cups 1.00 and napkin 2.00s from the
Dollar tree as well...