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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LDS Blessing Celebration

They had a duel purpose serving as a 
birth announcement and an invite to the party.
I got the invites from vista print for 50% off
wrapped them in vellum (20 shts for 50% off @ Micheal's cut in half)
 and sealed it with a seal
I got to coordinate from vistaprint.
Then I wrapped the invite in a translucent
ribbon and put them in an envelope. 

I got the cutest printable set from etsy for 13.95

Drink was diet 7up
3 2ltr bottles for .77cents each
1 lemon 40 cents and 1 lime 19 cents

I decorated the table with an "E" I found at Marshall's
for 7.99
and with some pics my husband took of him when he was
6 days old

Coordinating plates, cups, napkins and silverware from Walmart
1.99 each for 20 each

Grapes 1.99, pineapple 2.49, strawberries 1.99 x 3, cantaloupe 1.49 x 2 from Aldi

I made roasted turkey croissant Sandwiches.
Meat 2 packs 11.00 and croissants 3 packs 5.99 from Costco
Romaine Lettuce from Aldi 1.99 

Cupcake and frosting mix free with coupons
Water 24 pk 2.49 on sale

Included in the kit are Thank You Cards
To make everything coordinate event better
I used some package labels and  printed
the cupcake toppers on the label paper

Then I cut them with my circle cutter
removed the backing and put them on the back
like a seal on my thank you cards...

Everything is perfectly coordinated and adorable for super cheap!