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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Frozen Party

I thought it would be fun to offer her invitation in a rainbow of colors .We did Purple, Pink Blue & Green...(not pictured)

 Before the party, I ordered a dress for Reagan on Etsy.
We did a photo shoot at Target for her 4 yr old pics.

I purchased these flags on Etsy for 5.00 and 
then photo shopped her Info on them.

I also lighted the color...I made it light green and lavendar with white sihouettes instead of yelllow

Free  Banner
Right click on image to save

Also with the download I got 11 x 14 enlargements at Costco for 3.00 ea

I love it when things all match together so I printed
coronation flags in wallet size on the printer and 
taped them to lolli pop sticks.

 We decorated the staircase with Tulle that I bought at Michaels with a 40% off coupon so it was 20.00 for 50 yards.
 We played # 15 on the frozen CD while reagan decended the stairs to her coronation

We decorated the fireplace with snowflakes and blue chandeliers
I got at Michaels for 2.00 each
I cut the snowflakes with my cricut machine

Next was Princess Makeovers
Skirts and
Shirts with sparkle crowns on then
Making the shirt

 I cut the crowns out of a jpeg that I downloaded on line
and then used sparkle silver iron on paper...

Gloves link...

Blue Tutu 


Cowns were 1.00 with a 20% off coupon from 
Joann's...total .80 each

Photo Booth


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