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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day Party Total Cost 59.86 with food, invitations & decorations

I thought I would host a mother's day brunch this year to get the 
in-laws and my mom together and then to church afterwards.
Here are the invites that I created for the event.

I used an invitation kit that I bought for 100 invites and envelopes 
20.00 at Michaels with a 40% OFF COUPON FOR 12.00 TOTAL
I trimmed the invite and then glued a half sheet of black card stock to 
the back of the paper.

Here are the fonts that I used for the invite...

"Mother's Day" 72pt size
"Brunch" 72pt

Time and date font

Address 36pt sz

"Join us for ..." 36pt sz

"&" I did this with a text box so that I could put it behind the text

"afterwards the kids..." 11pt sz

Made sure we honored each mother by having a picture of each in a frame.

Here are copies of Subway art that I could use
to draw more focus to the occasion...

I did an easy silhouette of the kids here by taking pictures of
their profiles...

Then I printed these pics out and glued black cardstock paper to them.
I then cut out the pictures and had perfect silhouette

 The color on the invitations were red black and white so that is
the colors that I purchased for the scheme of the party...

Red Circle decorations 1.49 each with a 30% off additional discount = 1.00
Black ribbon 1.00 at dollar tree
Red Ribbon 1.00 at dollar tree

I used the sihouette in the rest of the party decor...
Here is a group of tags that you can use to cut and
past on paper...

I cut these with a 

Marvy - Clever Lever Craft Punch Super Jumbo Oval

To create the tags I used this cricut cartridge...

For the oval shape and the letter "M" 
I used this cartridge...

from Adli 
4.00 for Grapes
2.00 for Cantelope
1.19 for Strawberries
1.49 for Pineapple

Gluten Free Mix from Aldi
Honey & Maple Syrup
4.00 + 4.00
Red Chocolate + White Chocolate
80 x 4 (3.20) cents per pag from Easter Clearance at Walmart

12.00 for the 2 bouquets
from Rainbow foods that were given as gifts to each mom
Vases were 1.49 each at Good Will

The red table runner that I had was actually a dollar tree
plastic table cloth 1.00 that I folded to be a runnwe across the table.
I also bought silverware 3.00, Plates 1.00, cups 1.00 and napkin 2.00s from the
Dollar tree as well...

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