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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Boss Baby Party

Front of invite

Back side of Invite

Envelope Seals
Right Click Ctrl C to Copy and Ctrl V to past to word Doc to print

Right click and then Ctrl C to Copy and Ctrl V to paste to Word Doc 
Print on Card stock and tape to stick to place in the food items around the table

Getting Born
I turned on the smoke machine and had the kids crawl through a tunnel 
as they were being born

Once they were born they dug in a bag and found out if they were 
team family or team Management

Download or right click image below...

Click right and then Ctrl c to copy and Ctrl V to past to a word doc

Bobbing for Pacifiers
with a large bowl and a bunch of passifiers from the dollar store
the kids had some fun with our first game...bobbing for pacifiers.

Identify the Baby Food Flavor
I bought 3 different baby food flavors and each team picked 3 members
to try and Identify the baby food flavors.  There were some pretty
disgusted faces...it was awesome!

Bottle Chug-a-Lug
Fill a bottle about 2 oz of juice pop or milk
have the kids on each team try to win a point by
drinking the most in 1 minute

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