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Monday, January 16, 2017

Free Template Diary of a Wimpy Kid Birthday Invitation & Party Ideas

Click here to download template

Click for Girl version 1

Click here for Ninja Version

Click here for girl Version 2

Click here for Boy Version 3

Clieck Here for Girl Version 3

Click here to download Boy Version 4

Click here for editable poster Red

Click here for Editable Old School Cover Poster

Click for The Last Straw Poster to Edit

Zoowee Mamma Cupcake Toppers

Click to download Cupcake Toppers/Envelope Seals

Each kid received a Diary and a black marker
to write about their most embarrassing moment
and then to write 2 truths and a lie

Most embarrassing Moment reveal

  Souvenir Photo from this...

to this...

Jpeg for the souvenir photo
Dont forget to change the date at the bottom to the date of your party.
Click here for Editable poster template

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