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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Minecraft Party

Use the cupcake circles to add a deal to the back of the envelope...

You can buy this sticker paper on Amazon...
Here is the link

Just peel and place on back of envelope after you cut circles

Right click and copy 
then past to a word doc. Set to landscapr view and make sure 
you can put 2 to a page so they are 5 x 7

Here are some fonts to help personalize...

I cannot find the image that I used for Reagan's sign but here is one that I 
wrote on for you to use as a banner.
Buy foamboard at the Dollar tree and then 
get a 20 x 30 print of this from Costco for 9.99 to hang above the food table.
Right click to save as a jpeg and upload to Costco, Walmart, ect.


Creeper Hunt
All the kids envelopes are addressed to 
"Creeper Hunter So and So"
so we decided to have a  Creeper Hunt.
I hit "Creepers"  all over the house and the 
kids slip into teams to find them.
They were in closets, dryers, fridges, bathrooms.
When the kids found them, they would scream and capture 
the creeper to bring to me to get points.

Creeper Toss...
Simple bean bag game. I bought a bi-folded cardboard 
in the craft section at walmart for under 3.00 and 
used bean bags that we had to toss through.
I had the kids pair up and throw for points.

"Pin the hat on the Creeper"
This was Reagan's own idea so I thought, "what the heck."
I cut out 2 differnt hats, and mustaches for the kids to tape to the

Template for hat cut outs...
I uploaded this image to my cricut explore and cute them from there.

right click on the image to copy and then paste in word to 
Here are a few free mincraft fonts to use to personalize...

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