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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Christmas Murder Mystery Invitations

I do invitations on Etsy one of the most popular invitations I 
make is my Murder Mystery Invite.
I had a gal email me for a Custom Christmas Design.
I thought I would have to buy a Christmas Cartridge but
I found what I needed on the Dress Up Paper Dolls.

I downloaded 2 fonts for this
For the "Who Slayed Santa?"
For the rest of the text on the invite

I used the Santa Dress uo set to 2" for the hat
and the same for the sleigh and beard.
The dagger was set at 4".

I used a jpeg of the snowflake and magnifying glass on an
image search on Google.
 inserted image left clicked pic and
set it behind text from my word dock.

The top symbol is a letter "A" from font...
"Damask Dings1"

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