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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pingu Birthday Party

I found these invites with the eyelet lace at Michael's for 10.00 a pack of 50.
I used an image I found on bing.com and placed it on the top.
I also used clip art of snowflakes on the invite.
I was able to place them where ever I wanted and size them by
clicking on the image and setting the image "behind text".
The Font for the invite was Copperplate in gray and
Edwardian script for name.

If you don't have a huge space you can usually rent
a space at your local park.
There was a party room  that we rented for 2 hrs 
for 25.00/ hr.  

 Each child was given a name tag with the same 
Picture of Pingu that was on the invitations.
I also used white table cloths to cover the tables and
blue plastic table cloths from The Dollar Tree to cover them.
We had snow flakes on the windows as well.

Party Activities
Sugar Cube  Igloos
 One of the activities that we had for the party was
making sugar cube igloos.
All you need is sugar cubes and glue.
I bought the glue at the dollar store and the sugar cubes at
the grocery store as well as paint brushes to apply the glue
to the cubes...also found at the dollar store.

Winter land Bingo/Pingu
There is a website to make custom bingo sheets
for free...

Coloring Sheets
We also had pingu color sheets and crayons for the kids to color.

I got safety Scissors at the Dollar Tree for the kids to use

Because of nap times, I had the party after lunch so the kids could have 
fish crackers (since Pingu likes to go fishing)
and cheese for snacks.
All the food was from Aldi and I made the cake myself.
I know they have penguin crackers there as well.

Dancing/Waddle time
After snacks and Punch we had a break was the 
a Penguin Waddle Song to get the kids moving...

And story time

Finally we sang to Ian and had cake

After cake and ice creme we opemed presents.
Each child sat next to Ian as he opened gifts.

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